Picture of Joan Reed, the new executive director.

Joan Reed, Executive Director

Joan has worked in several nonprofit organizations over a considerable span of time, having earned her social work license over twenty years ago. She has also served as an ALS ambulance paramedic, and has worked with abused children and their parents, sponsoring one of the first groups of Parents Anonymous for adults convicted of child abuse. For five years, she served locally as prevention educator in the fields of domestic violence and sexual assault. This required completion of Domestic Violence Victim's Advocate certification through a four-year program offered by the West Virginia state domestic violence coalition. Joan has provided this training from preschool ages through college, and served as instructor for the required domestic violence/sexual assault training at the WV School of Osteopathic Medicine. She has continued to provide classes for the re-entry program in the federal prison system since 2004.

Joan is a native of West Virginia, and makes her home in Lewisburg.